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Silagra And Alcohol: Are They Compatible?

Common question among those using Silagra, and other drugs for erection problems for that matter, is whether one can drink alcohol while using one’s potency pills.

I have just started using Silagra, but I am worried when I go out. When I go out with my girlfriend, it’s not uncommon for us to drink a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, but if I have to use Silagra, does that mean I can’t drink? Often when I meet my girlfriend we go out and eat and drink, but does this mean I can’t bring her home and have sex afterwards?

There is good news; you can use Silagra in conjunction with alcohol, as long as you keep it to a reasonable level. The original developer of sildenafil says that the active ingredient of Silagra, sildenafil citrate, in general, is not affected by alcohol, so you can without worrying use Silagra while downing a glass or two.

What happens in the body when Silagra and alcohol are taken together?

Both Silagra and alcohol have a similar effect on the blood vessels, they widen them and allow more blood to pass through them. Studies have shown that men who have an alcohol level above 0.8 per thousand, which is significantly above the permissible limit for driving a car, for example, did not see any negative effects when using Silagra.

Although problems are unlikely to occur, it is recommended to pay attention to the problems that may occur if blood vessels become too dilated. Hypothetical effects could be dizziness, increased heart rate and low blood pressure.

Moderation is the key. Although there are no known negative interactions between alcohol and Silagra, it is not a good idea to be completely knocked out. In the package leaflet, and common sense, recommend not to drink excessively, so enjoy yourself by all means, but do not put your health at risk by drinking unreasonably.

Alongside with Silagra, it is safe to have (choose one!):

  • up to 3 glasses of wine
  • 1 beer
  • 1 shot

Silagra and alcohol

Alcohol and the erectile ability

With smaller amounts of alcohol, many people experience increased sexual desire. It becomes an effect of the alcohol releasing inhibitions and making some dare to relax and feel more social. However, with slightly larger amounts, the effect will be the opposite. The dampening effects of alcohol make us tired and reduce our sexual appetite. Because alcohol makes communication from the brain to the body more difficult, our performance also deteriorates. This is why it can be difficult to get an erection and many people feel that they cannot orgasm.

People who drink frequently can also upset the hormone balance in the bodies. In men, the production of testosterone is affected, which can lead to compromised erectile function. In sum, alcohol can increase sex drive, but undoubtedly reduces performance.

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