Silagra – Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50/100 mg.
Learn how Silagra 100mg (generic viagra analogue)
can help to treat erection problems in men.

ED treatment with Silagra and other PDE5i

revolutionary impotence treatment

The introduction of phosphodiesterase (PDE) type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i), the drug class to which Silagra belongs, has revolutionized the evaluation and treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, these drugs represent the first-line therapy of ED, as suggested by all the major scientific societies, demonstrating efficacy in over 80% of non-selected patients. However, it is important to underline that, even in the era of the pills that can cure everything, the role of the doctor facing a patient with ED must not be overshadowed.

To this end, it should be remembered that the therapy for ED must be subject to adequate screening and control of the risk factors present. The doctor’s task is to carry out an etiological diagnosis, before any prescription, identifying and correcting the modifiable risk factors and stabilizing the non-modifiable ones.

Silagra: the perfect drug of choice for ED treatment

Silagra is regularly commended by prescribers for its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics; it can be used in a wide variety of scenarios that include different clinical characteristics of the patient, or the presence or absence of comorbidity.

Historically the “on-demand” intake has been the most used therapy and several clinical studies indicate an overall efficacy in 60-80% of patients, with lower percentages found in more complicated populations, such as diabetics and prostatectomized patients. Silagra has shown an outstanding efficacy in terms of improvement in sexual function, regardless of the presence of risk factors and comorbidity.

Things you should know

It should be pointed out that, according to the 3rd Princenton Consensus Panel, patients with ED are classified according to cardio-vascular (CV) risk in 3 categories: low, intermediate or indeterminate and high. In low-risk patients the prescription can be made directly without further verification; patients at intermediate risk need a second-level cardiological evaluation, in order to exclude and / or stabilize an underlying CV pathology, typical of high-risk patients.

An indiscriminate use of Silagra, even in patients with an ED with a predominantly relational or intra-psychic component, without adequate counseling, can have negative consequences, generating, in the event of therapeutic success, a possible form of pharmacological dependence (I did well only because I took the tablet) or, in the event of failure, further worsening the underlying performance anxiety (I am doomed: I did not even do well with the tablet). Furthermore, the administration of a Silagra to a patient with unregulated heart disease could have devastating consequences, in relation to the inability to withstand the resulting workload.

In the light of the above, you should always a) receive qualified opinion on the use of Silagra before taking the pill and b) you should always follow your prescriber’s instructions to the letter.

Silagra Benefits

Silagra is a perfect combination of high quality and attractive price, which makes it a fast favorite with shoppers, internationally. Silagra is not available at local pharmacy chains, being a generic drug, but it can be ordered online in a large number of e-pharmacies.

This is the part where it takes a little tricky, for a certain amount of legwork is required to find a reliable online drugstore with high quality products, honest pricing policy and reliable services.

It always pays to become a loyal customer to such a service if you’ve found one: being a return customer translates in loyalty program discounts and bonuses. Besides, it is always a better idea to order all of your drugs off one e-tailer, saving on bigger orders and possibly qualifying for free delivery from a shop you know you can trust.

Silagra is a prescription medication, so even if, for some reason, you cannot appear physically in your doctor’s office, a good online pharmacy can offer you a free virtual consultation with a qualified healthcare specialist.

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