Silagra – Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50/100 mg.
Learn how Silagra 100mg (generic viagra analogue)
can help to treat erection problems in men.

Find out how to use Silagra to get the maximum effect

sildenafil therapy

Silagra tips for augmented health outcomes

Silagra is a well-studied drug for an instant temporary improvement of the erectile function. It benefit is its relatively short therapeutic window of 4 hours counting from the moment of the effect onset, which is at the same time long enough for laid-back and spontaneous lovemaking. The bottom line is, Silagra is impactful. But there are ways to step up its efficacy, which is reported at 94% by this study.

  1. First intake? Don’t make any conclusions yet. Studies show that 60% of men respond better to continued treatment with sildenafil, to the point of achieving complete recovery from ED after a long-term use of Silagra or similar sildenafil-containing drugs. Chances are, your erections will become progressively better with every next pill you take.
  2. Silagra + heavy meals = delayed / inhibited effects. In order to emphasize the drug’s efficacy, take the drug in a fasted / postprandial state (2-4 hours after the last food intake) or after a light meal.
  3. Silagra + alcohol = dangerous drop in blood pressure. Not a great condition to be in on a romantic date. Besides, alcohol might be a great instigator of sexual adventures, but it is a bad follow-through companion, so the best favor you can do your abilities as a lover is abstaining from hard drinks.
  4. Silagra + grapefruit / grapefruit juice = increased toxicity. Silagra is metabolized by the same enzyme CYP3A4 as grapefruit; their simultaneous consumption will increase the concentration of sildenafil in plasma, which might trigger the overdose effects.


The following precautions exercised when taking Silagra will help you accrue maximal health benefits from sildenafil therapy:

Table 1. Silagra Precautions

Before you start taking Silagra Before starting the administration of Silagra, communicate the following information to your doctor:

ü what types of drugs and food supplements / OTC preparations you are already taking (vitamins, additives and more),

ü if you have allergies,

ü how you feel,

ü what diseases you have and what is your general state health (for example if you have a planned operation and other).

Medication adherence To avoid having side effects, take the medicine in accordance with your doctor’s instructions and follow the instructions in the package insert provided with the drug.
Dose adherence Do not exceed the prescribed dose of Silagra. To avoid having side effects, never exceed the dose of 100 mg in 24 hours.
Silagra and alcohol Do not take sildenafil together with a large amount of alcohol. First of all, alcohol and pills taken in the same period of time damage the liver, as a second, excessive alcohol intake leads to erectile dysfunction and is bad for your general health.
Silagra and meals Do not take the drug along with fatty foods. These are foods that have more than 30% fat in their content.
Silagra and other PDE5i Combined intake of multiple drugs against ED is prohibited. The effectiveness and safety of the combinations is not well studied, so it is better to avoid experiments risking your health.
Silagra and other drugs It is absolutely forbidden to take sildenafil together with incompatible drugs, which are described in the contraindications. Special attention should be paid to the drugs containing nitrates, nitrites and nitrogen dispensers.
Silagra side events If you experience side effects that would not go away or are particularly bothersome, make the situation known to your doctor, stating the negative effect or telling about the worsening of your health due to the intake of Silagra, especially if the symptoms don’t pass after 2 days.

By respecting all the necessary precautions with Silagra, you will achieve the necessary level of ability and sexual activity, which will allow you to lead a normal sexual life full of hitherto undiscovered pleasures.


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