Silagra – Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50/100 mg.
Learn how Silagra 100mg (generic viagra analogue)
can help to treat erection problems in men.

Why Silagra Shouldn’t Be Combined with Alcohol

Silgra is a new ED medication that contains sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient, and it’s taken by many men who have erectile problems these days. Basically, this medicine works by relaxing smooth muscles in penile tissues while ensuring an improved blood flow and resulting in prolonged and persistent erections.

Basic Instructions on How to Take Silgra

One of the most important things that should be remembered by male patients is that they must be sexually aroused when taking this ED medication. It’s necessary to take 1 pill 30-60 minutes before a sexual intercourse, and the positive effects of Silgra will last for 4 hours. The right dosage depends on individual tolerance of male patients, and the average one is 100 mg on a daily basis. There are some adverse effects that can be experienced by men in rare cases, including mild headaches, nasal congestion, nausea, face redness and others. That’s why it’s advisable to avoid overdosing this ED medication.

The Intake of Silagra with Alcohol

The use of this medicine with any alcoholic beverages may result in negative effects. For many men, drinking alcohol in moderate amounts may seem safe when taking Silagra, but they are wrong. The main reason why some patients keep making this mistake is that alcohol and Silagra don’t seem to interact clearly, but it doesn’t mean that combining them together is a good idea. That’s because regular alcohol use is one of the key causes of erectile dysfunction. If men want to solve their erectile issues, they shouldn’t mix Silagra or other ED pills with alcoholic beverages.

Silagra and alcohol

Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

There are many studies and tests connected to the effects of drinking alcohol on men’s reproductive system. For men who have certain erectile problems, it’s important to think about the influence of this harmful substance on their sexual performance and health. First, both estrogen and testosterone are affected by regular drinking. It’s not a secret that testosterone is a hormone responsible for male sexuality, sexual organs and sperm. Those patients who drink alcoholic beverages regularly decrease their normal testosterone levels while increasing the estrogen ones, thus, feminizing their bodies.

What are the effects of alcohol on testicles? This substance is quite harmful and toxic to testicles because it may lead to their shrinkage over time, thus, decreasing the quality and volume of sperm. What about negative effects on the prostate? According to the latest research, drinking alcohol is associated with prostatitis and leads to developing such unwanted symptoms as urination issues, pain, swelling and others, but the worst part is that this medical condition is closely linked with male impotence.

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