Generic Pharmacy – The Power Of Silagra
Learn how Silagra 100mg can help you
overcome virtually any erectile dysfunction issues.

Closer look at pharmacology of Silagra

This drug affects the natural ability to straighten the penis, improving quality and extending the duration of a sexual intercourse. Silagra is not only appreciated for simplicity of use – it also acts on natural mechanisms of erection within as little as 30 minutes after administration. The straightening starts from erotic imaginations, touches, exposures and virtually any effects that stimulate an erection. The effect of the drug lasts up to 6 hours (in increased dosages the effect can be maintained within as long as 12 hours). The action is achieved faster if the remedy is taken before meals.

Time-tested Silagra 100 mg is not characterized by addictive nature, which means it can be taken for a long period of time. It is absolutely essential to underline that using the drug not only promotes the desired erection, but also has a healing effect on the body in terms of eliminating erectile dysfunction.Those males suffering from sexual problems can always resort to a good old treatment method to taste a full life.

A less known specialization of the remedy is pulmonary hypertension treatment. The ability of sildenafil citrate to reduce pulmonary pressure was confirmed in a series of laboratory and clinical trials. In 2005, sildenafil citrate was approved in the United States as a drug used for treatment of primary pulmonary hypertension in adults. The research also describes several cases of successful treatment of pulmonary hypertension in infants.

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