Silagra – Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50/100 mg.
Learn how Silagra 100mg (generic viagra analogue)
can help to treat erection problems in men.

Find out how to use Silagra to get the maximum effect

When using Silagra, remember that a firm erection can be achieved only when natural sexual arousal or stimulation occurs. Therefore, tune in to the right wave before sexual intimacy. Viagra only works when you are naturally excited. Avoid eating fatty foods and drinking alcohol before taking the preparation, since it may significantly increase the time needed for the active ingredient to be absorbed. Ideally, you’d better refrain from any food intakes for about 2 hours prior to an anticipated sexual intercourse. The initial recommended dosage is 50 mg, with an increase up to 100 mg depending on the reaction of the organism.

For most men, Silagra works after the first or second intake, so do not be discouraged – if you do not succeed, try taking the pill for the next time. If you still do not feel the results, pay a visit to your doctor – perhaps a properly adjusted dosage will help you out.


silagraSilagra drug interactions may provoke a negative impact. Thus, according to a number of researches, the drug level in the blood increases if the medication is taken simultaneously with other meds, probably due to the fact that the pills administered influence the excretion of sildenafil. The array of the drugs that are not recommended to be mixed with Silagra is the following: erythromycin; cimetin – an antioxidant designed to treat tumors, as well as ketoconazole and itraconazole antifungals. Since increased concentrations of sildenafil in the blood are associated with the risk of adverse effects, specialists advise patients who take cimetidine or similar drugs, yet still want to undergo a Silagra course, to start their treatment with the lowest dose – 25 mg per tablet.

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